Confinement measures and restrictions on mobility, capacity and schedules, together with uncertainty and lack of confidence, are having an unprecedented effect on economic activity.


Economic activity in Spain has fallen at an unusually rapid rate. We are in the deepest economic recession in our country's recent history, with an impact that in 2020 will be much greater than that experienced in the 2008-2009 crisis. 


Although the Government and the European Union have pushed for measures to alleviate the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus, these are insufficient to ensure the survival of the business structure.


On the other hand, financial institutions, in the face of the low profitability of the sector, will have to allocate part of their resources to deal with their own concentration / restructuring processes, which could limit credit in the coming months.


As a result of this situation and the existing uncertainty about the future evolution of the pandemic, most companies are facing the need to reduce costs and restructure their balance sheets .


In this context, we can help you in preparing Technical Supporting Reports on staff adjustment processes and renegotiation of lease contracts and advise you on the implementation of cost-saving measures, treasury management and obtaining aid. and bank financing .

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