Scope of action











  • Quantification of claims for damages:

  • Consequential damage. Evaluation of the items liable to be subject to claim, from an economic and financial perspective, certification and quantification thereof.

  • Loss of profit. Assessment of lost income applying the most appropriate methodology based on economic and financial criteria of an objective nature, that allow to piece together what would have been its economic reality in a scenario in which the injurious act has not presented itself.

  • ​Thorough a comprehensive and critical analysis of the preliminarily report submitted by the other party, accompanied by a reasoned and relentless argument.

  • Accounting, financial and economic expert’s opinion on complex issues.





  • Disputes among shareholders and partners.

  • Evaluation of breaches or divergences in the implementation of contractual clauses. For instance, in agency contracts.​

  • Discrepancies in determining the amount that settles a contractual relationship.

  • Assessment of adjustments in a transaction’s negotiated price.



  • Claim for damages in a context in which the concessionaire has suffered a deleterious effect.

  • Determination of the most profitable parameters, from an economic and financial point of view, of the tenders submitted by the tendering companies and demonstration of the importance of reaching minimal levels for these parameters in order to ensure the viability of these projects.

  • Determination of the economic balance to restore the economic and financial situation of the concessionaire to the initially envisaged terms.

  • Evaluation of breaches or discrepancies in the development of administrative franchises.

  • Quantification of damages derived from regulatory changes.




  • Analysis, accreditation and quantification of economic damages derived from the commission of irregularities that cause the termination of labor contracts.

  • Analysis of digital evidence related to accounting manipulation, lack of due diligence, misappropriation, unfair competition, etc. of employees or senior management.

  • ​Issuance of Supporting Technical Reports that accompany the company accounts needed to demonstrate the economic causes that evidence a negative economic situation.



  • Determination and quantification of the resources that have been misappropriated and identification of potential irregular accounting movements.

  • Determination of the economic damage associated with the commission thereof.

  • Research on socio-economic and computer-related crimes.

  • Forensic analysis of digital evidence and quantification, where applicable, of the resulting economic damage.

  • Evidencing of the fulfillment by the tendering companies of the economic and financial requirements established in the specific administrative clauses, with the aim of dispelling any doubts about the possible existence of any collusion between private companies and public agents

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