Forensic Services

Fraud prevention


Is your business growing and needs to develop mechanisms for

fraud prevention?

We will help you implement a COMPREHENSIVE PREVENTION PROGRAM, approaching the problem from different angles

Assessment and diagnosis of the risk of fraud and the level of exposure to it.

  • Identification and assessment of the risk of fraud inherent to the company and the sector in which it operates.

  • Diagnosis of internal policies and procedures.

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of existing controls and procedures.

Development of policies and fraud prevention protocols and their implementation

  • Designing of an improved control environment, implementing mechanisms that mitigate risks and discourage committing further infringements.

  • Designing of operation guidelines in case of fraud detection and definition of the penalties applicable by the commission of an infringement.

  • ​Training and internal awareness.

  • Definition of the penalties that shall be applied for the commission of an infringement.

Setting up of mechanisms for detecting potential irregularities.

  • Designing of rotating audit programs for risk areas.

  • Setting up of mechanisms for monitoring processes and key people.

  • Designing of automated processes of identification of anomalous patterns.

  • Advice on the implementation and management of a Whistleblower Channel.


Fraud Detection


WHICH ARE FULLY ADAPTED to each situation

Conducting of surprise audits.

Interviews with staff, clients, suppliers, etc. with the aim of detecting control weaknesses, the existence of a possible collusion, etc.

Optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of existing internal controls resulting from possible control weaknesses that have been previously identified.

Setting up of indicators and their analysis.

Proactive monitoring of processes and key people.

Identification and analysis of transactions or anomalous behavior by means of various tools (Data Analysis)

Management of the Whistleblower Channel.

Other ad-hoc designed screening procedures, on a case-by-case basis

Have you detected any signs of fraud or irregularities from any of your employees?




Fraud Investigation

Do you know

the real impact

of the people, organizations

and assets involved?


Investigations on natural or legal persons, identifying links and properties through public or private sources of information.

Identification and traceability of irregular movements of assets and funds.

Analysis and identification of accounting entries, financial statements, etc. fraudulently tampered with.

Interviews with staff, clients, suppliers, franchisees, etc.

Big-data analytics and identification of anomalous transactions.

​Acquisition and analysis of digital evidence.

Evidence gathering and quantification of the economic damage for its inclusion into an Independent Expert’s Witness.

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