Drawing up and ratification of Expert Witness Reports

We are experts in economic, financial and accounting matters, and we operate as forensic economists throughout the national territory, both in arbitrational or legal courts across different jurisdictions. 

We have extensive experience in writing and ratifying objective and independent Expert’s Winess Reports.

Do you require a solid and reliable

independent expert?

The reports written by an independent expert make complex aspects of an economic, financial, accounting or technical nature easily understandable.

Drawing up Expert Witness Reports

Our reports are detailed,

while being synthetic, clear and educational.

And they are solid, as we do critical analysis on each them before they are issued, that way we anticipate possible arguments in order to refute them.


before the Courts

Having the best advice on your side can be decisive in the resolution of a dispute


Civil / Procedural Law

Commercial / Corporate Law

Administrative Law

Labor Law

Criminal Law

Competition Law

Sarbanes – Oxley / FCPA Act

We have produced more than 150 expert’s reports before judicial and arbitral courts

Fraud prevention, detection and investigation


We offer a comprehensive advisory service in the area of fraud prevention, detection and investigation, with the utmost flexibility and agility.

We can help you identify and evaluate the opportunities for fraud in your organization, be it because of weaknesses in the control environment or other factors (pressure for results, economic environment or enrichment).

We will help you investigate and combat fraud, by minimizing collateral damages and impact and maximizing the asset recovery options.

​To do this, we have a team of experts in auditing processes and controls, data analysis and research techniques, which work with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

The capacity of our professionals, together with the use of state-of-the-art methodology and tools in the fraud investigation field, allow us to obtain solid evidence and to elaborate rigorous expert’s reports that help sustain the appropriate legal proceedings.

Do you want to know what we can help you with?

Fraud prevention

Is your business growing and needs

to develop mechanisms for

fraud prevention?

Have you detected any signs of fraud or irregularities from any of your employees?

Fraud investigation

Fraud detection

Do you know the real impact of the people, organizations and assets involved?

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