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We live in a complex world, in which it becoming increasingly important to react swiftly to the different opportunities and threats which today’s setting presents us with.

Every day we take hundreds of decisions automatically, even unconsciously, because we are in a "controlled" environment.  However, there are certain out-of-the-ordinary situations that can lead to chaos, hastily action or inaction.

This kind of situation requires a quick and effective response.  To this end, it is necessary to have in place a decision-making process based on objective and independent data, which allows for drawing up and implementing the most appropriate strategy.

Just as an inexperienced person cannot enter the Amazon rainforest without an expert guide, a company should not venture into situations of conflict, fraud or resizing without the support of an experienced advisor, given that in many cases its own continued existence is at stake.

It is against this background that NXT came to be, a firm lead by professionals with extensive economic and financial training, that have developed their professional careers in the field of auditing and business consultancy at international firms, and that during the last years of their professional careers have specialized in business consultancy in situations of crisis and litigation.


Our team, with a professional experience of more than 18 years, is highly specialized in:


-       Drawing up and ratifying expert’s reports.

-       Advising on fraud prevention, detection and screening.

-       Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms of an economic nature, such as mediation and arbitration.

-       Advising on operational and/or financial business restructurings.

Thus, our goal is to offer customized and innovative solutions adapted to these new times and environments, with very competitive fees and without having to relinquish professional high-quality advice. Know more.

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